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What is the method of treatment for hair line (Undisplaced Fractures)?

These fractures are usually treated in a plaster cast for usually 6 weeks in adults and about 4 weeks in children. Some times fractures may also be treated in a brace

Wrist Fracture in 40 yrs Male Patient Treated by Plating Surgery

When does a fracture require Surgery?

A fracture generally requires surgery when it is a displaced fracture and if the bones are left in displaced position, either the bones may not unite at all or will unite in abnormal position.

What are the types of fracture?

Fractures are divided into different types according to

1.  Location of fracture or the bone involved eg, wrist, spine, tibia etc.

2.  Shape of Fracture.

3.  Cause of fracture like due to trauma or due to previous disease in bone (Pathological Fracture).

Fracture of Forearm Bones in 11yrs old child

What is a Bone fracture?

Fracture is a break in the continuity of a bone. It can be a "undisplaced (Hairline)" when the broken pieces have not moved from their normal position and still are in contact or it can be a "displaced" when the broken bone pieces have moved away from their normal position in the body.