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What are the Advantages of getting a Arthroscopy done?

Since an arthroscopy is carried out through key holes around the joint, there are several advantages as compared to the traditional open surgery like:

  • less pain after the operation
  • faster healing time and shorter hospital stay
  • ​lower risk of infection
  • ​​Getting back to work faster

Is it Safe to get arthroscopy done?

An arthroscopy is usually a safe type of surgery and the risk of serious complications developing is low (less than 1 in 100).
However, possible complications include infection and accidental damage to nerves near the affected joint.

How is Arthroscopy Done?

A piece of equipment called an arthroscope is used during an arthroscopy. An arthroscope is a small, metal tube about the length and width of a drinking straw. The arthroscope is inserted into a small cut next to the joint. This arthroscope is then connected to a camera which is in turn connected to a Screen or a Monitor and thus images inside the joint can be seen on a screen 

​More small incisions may also be made to allow an examining probe or surgical instruments to be inserted for treating according to problems of patient.

An arthroscopy is usually carried out under Spinal or General Anaesthesia.

What is Arthroscopy?
An arthroscopy is a kind of keyhole surgery used for diagnosing and treating problems of the joints.
​​​The procedure is most commonly used on the Knees and Shoulder but also can be done on ankles, elbows and wrist.

 If MRI on your joint has been done which shows a problem like swelling, stiffness, ligament or cartilage injury, then an arthroscopy would be recommended. By doing this procedure the surgeon can look inside the joint and can also treat that condition. For example, it can be used to:
  1. repair damaged cartilage
  2. remove fragments of loose bone or cartilage
  3. ​treat frozen shoulder
  4. Ligament tear like an ACL tear can be reconstructed using grafts