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There are all sorts of ways in which one can have a knee injury. Most get injured while playing sports like football, running, jumping or even in day to day activities like walking down stairs, fall from a bike, getting down from a bus or even a local train like in Mumbai.

          Thousands of people suffer from bike injuries or sports injuries in Mumbai in any given month. You might feel a sudden jerk or pull in the knee and moderate to severe pain after you injure the knee. And shortly afterwards, you may also see a swelling around the top and sides of the knee. 

        What to do now in such a injury? 

What to do if you have a Knee Injury

Arthroscopy is a surgery by which small key holes are made in the joint, through which a optical object known as a "Arthroscope" is inserted.

        This arthroscope is attached to a camera which is connected to a monitor or a TV. Thus the view of the knee is seen outside on a monitor and problems inside are seen better.

        The Arthroscopic Surgery can be performed on joints like Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Ankle and Wrist. Most commonly surgeries are anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, (ACL Tear), Meniscus Tear, Cartilage injuries, Shoulder muscle tears, Shoulder Bankarts repair, SLAP Tear, Synovitis due to Arthritis, infection, PVNS etc.

What is Arthroscopy?

           Our knee has 4 main ligaments in the knee, namely, ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL,

These are the structures which give stability to the knee joint while doing various activities like walking, running, jumping, Stair climbing etc.

           Injury to any one of these ligaments causes instability in the knee. Due to this, simple activities like walking or running cause pain, feeling of looseness in knee, clicking in knee etc.

           Such tears may or may not need surgery, some can be treated by simple activity modification, wearing a knee brace, physiotherapy exercises and medicines. Only few patients may need surgery which is done by a procedure known as Arthroscopy.

What is Knee Ligament Surgery?

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